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Issue #32: The most misunderstood concept in fitness: Core-Training!

The fitness industry is obsessed with a concept called “Core Training” and so are we!

When we hear the word core, we automatically think about ripped six-pack abs. The beauty of a flat tummy and a wonderful bikini summer. But the CORE or Mid-Section training is far more than that.

Strength of the lower back and abdomen is the key to lifting big weights and a healthy body.” -Yuri Spinov, two times world champion powerlifter.

Russian scientists discovered that in low-intensity movements most work is performed by the extremities. But if the load becomes significant the core muscles take over a lot of the work! So to get a strong midsection and lift a lot of weights you need abs so strong that they can stop a bullet.

But not enough! A strong midsection amplifies the strength of all other key muscles as well. Intensively contracted abs send nerve impulses to other muscles which starts a chain reaction. Neurol commands transmitted by the tensed core muscles reach your squats, biceps, chest, etc, and make them stronger/tenser!

So let’s think about this…

The plank is one of the most used exercises to build tight abs. Some people think you must hold the plank until you can not hold the position anymore and quit. But the Russians found out that long-lasting planks water down the intensity of the exercises. This makes the arms and legs work more than the core area itself.

But if you tighten up your core to the maximum and hold it for 15s your abs take most of the work and getting stronger!

So hardstyle abs a built by intensity, not duration. How can we create intensity? With heavyweights….and for example, Visionbody EMS/EMA devices. The mix of low and middle frequencies creates an impulse cocktail that makes your core bulletproof! If you ever tried a plank with a Visionbody PowerSuit you know what I mean. It is nearly impossible to create such a muscle tension with anything else than an EMS/EMA device.


What’s should you do?

Low-intensity movements water down your strength and do not lead to tighter core muscles. But if you do the same exercise with much shorter duration but more intensity then we will get what we want: Hardstyle abs that can stop a bullet and look quite hot in swim shorts.

Low and Middle-frequency EMS/EMA devices like the Visionbody PowerSuit are the best weapon against flabby abs. Cause heavy wights are also very effective but not a safe as EMS/EMA devices.

But ist like our CEO at Visionbody says: “You have to feel it to believe it!”

Power and strength to you!

Let’s get Strong. With EMS/EMA!
Johannes, Head of Training & Education

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