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Issue #33: The #1 training-tool your home gym really needs

The one training tool your home gym needs is the one you are not missing…

Ever since the start of the pandemic, gyms have either been closed or in a constant flux between being opened and closed depending on where you live. This has made it more difficult to get in a good workout.

However, that doesn’t mean all hope is lost. Even if you don’t have access to barbells and dumbbells to use, you can still have yourself a rewarding workout with a training tool that is almost forgotten.

With the gyms currently closed where you may live, you have probably begun to think of ways to make your home workouts more challenging and effective…even without all the machines and so on!? But there is a simple solution to all these problems with training at home called EMS/EMA Training!

It does not matter if your goal is…

  • Burning fat
  • Built muscle
  • stay fit & healthy
  • natural pain relief
  • Injury rehab
  • Recovery
  • Performance training

The Visionbody EMS/EMA PowerSuit covers all these aspects without using any other training tools. I mean you could use any other training tool with it, but it is not necessary!

But how does It work? 

It is not to doubt that EMS/EMA has only beneficial effects. The only question is how and in what form we use it.

  1.  Most of our body is driven by electrical impulses.
  1. Instructions from the brain can be delivered directly through the skin to the muscle, adipose tissue, and cells.
  1. If we use only low frequency, like today’s trendy EMS/EMA machines and medical TENS devices do, we are talking only about stimulation. The nerve endings under the skin surface simply respond to the stimulus. This is done locally, under a given connecting head, depending on the manufacture, on 8-12 major muscle groups in the body.

Only with Visionbody EMS/EMA middle frequencies (in the range around 2000-7000 Hz), you can take advantage of the beneficial effects because only these get really deep into the muscle tissue and makes training really effective. And don’t be scared to hear about 2000Hz! In medicine, this type of frequency is used to have a beneficial effect on even bone tissues or just to cure incontinence.


Even with gyms closed (or if you don’t feel ready to return to the gym),

it is still possible to create an effective and enjoyable workout. It doesn’t take a lot of training tools and creativity, but you can very much build an awesome at-home workout with an EMS/EMA PowerSuit powered by Visionbody.

At the very least, EMS/EMA training will allow you to retain most of the strength/muscle you have built from going to the gym while they are closed, and will keep you physically active.

We keep in touch!

Let’s get Strong. With EMS/EMA!
Johannes, Head of Training & Education

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