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Experience the Future of Rehab


Experience the Future of Rehab


Multiple treatment options for limited mobility or joint pain with our comfortable, high-quality textile Powervest with cordless design or our 5-in-1, 12 lead (24 pad) Med Pad System.

Faster Results

Get the effects of 4 Hours of intense training in 20 minutes of low-impact exercise, even targeting difficult-to-train muscles and stimulate healthy bone support.

Latest Technology

We stay on the cutting edge of EMS/EMA technology to provide the most advanced and effective products possible for the fastest and most complete recovery results.

Forging a Path to
Faster Recovery

VBTec has developed the world’s first state-of-the-art EMS/EMA (Electro Muscular Stimulation/Activation) system, offering a comprehensive solution spanning from the hospital bed to home, and beyond. This system is the world’s smallest mobile rehab center in a convenient, compact box. It’s a 5-in-1 solution: one box equipped with five specialized applications and accompanied by five distinct garment/electrode options.

Progression of Rehab & Recovery Sessions

Wireless EMS/EMA Equipment for every stage in the rehab and recovery process

Preserve Muscles
& Relieve Pain

The VB box equipped with the MedPad adapter, pads, and bands offers therapeutic muscle activation to stimulate muscle recovery without damaging the tissue. Therapeutic treatments and recovery training using EMS/EMA technology uses frequencies that penetrate all the way to the bone, promoting a deeper level of recovery at an accelerated rate. 

VBTec’s 5-in-1 VB Med system allows for individual frequency settings ranging from 0-500Hz for low frequency and 0-10k Hz for mid to high frequency. The device includes 12 replaceable electrode pairs, each with distinct intensity settings, in addition to ECG pads and silver textile accessories for clients’ hands and feet.

Our FDA Cleared Equipment Speeds Client Recovery

The VB Med system is also designed to help individuals who are bedridden or hospitalized maintain activity in 90% of their muscles to prevent them from atrophying. The VB box, when combined with the rehab PowerVest, offers comprehensive body muscle activation with preset programs ranging from 4-100Hz in low frequency and 2000-6750 Hz in mid-frequency. 

This 10-channel vest, fitted with 20 electrodes, wraps around the body, accommodating those with infusions, catheters, breathing tubes, and other medical devices.


Higher Frequencies for Faster Recovery

The VB Med system's 12-channel box has 24 electrodes that can be applied to the body to produce a wide range of frequencies, from 0 - 500 Hz + 0 - 10,000 Hz. The EMA portion of our system offers deeper muscle activation to promote more efficient recovery.

Prevent Muscular Atrophy

VB Med can also help patients who are bedridden by preventing muscular atrophy and hastening recovery. Even patients who are hooked up to IVs, artificial renal support, and/or ventilators, the EMS/EMA therapy vest is made to be simple to put on.

Breaking New Ground
In the World of Rehab

Strong & Healthy Muscles

EMS/EMA is the most effective way to maintain muscular health, speed up metabolism, and increase blood flow. Patients who require a simple, flexible system that enables them to activate their major muscle groups one at a time, no warmup required, include individuals who are immobile due to medical conditions and cannot wear tight athletic clothing. This 10-channel vest, fitted with 20 electrodes, wraps around the body, accommodating those with IVs, catheters, breathing tubes, and other medical devices.

12 Channel EMS/EMA & up to 10,000 hz

We use low (4-100Hz) and middle frequency (2000-6750Hz) in every VBTec product with fixed settings, but our MedPad uses both low (0-500Hz) and high (0-10.000Hz) frequency ranges to promote faster healing for a myriad of injuries and health issues. The Visionbody MedPad adapter, with its 12+1 channels, allows for the use of 12 pairs (24 electrode pads) which can be reusable or disposable adhesive silicon electrodes, or wearable conductive silver fiber textile parts like leg or arm bands, and also features a 3-channel ECG tracker.

Committed to Continuous Innovation

Our journey doesn't stop at what's been achieved. We're on a never-ending quest to design, innovate, and deploy solutions that don't just address today's challenges but anticipate those of tomorrow. Our vision goes beyond profit margins and industry accolades. Our true north is the wellbeing of humanity. Every solution we craft, every technology we pioneer, is geared towards creating a larger, lasting impact on people's lives around the world. Join us as we continue to transform the technological landscape and redefine the future.

Recovery for Athletes

Recovery for Veterans

Recovery for Pain Patients


The VB Tec Powersuit System is a total body workout with body current.

In this context, it might be helpful to know that our muscles contract through electric impulses (bioelectronics) in the normal state.

The VB Tec Powersuit System makes use of this effect with electrical

muscle stimulation (EMS), also known as neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) or electromyostimulation, which is the elicitation of muscle contraction using electric impulses, leading to muscle growth and strength. The impulses generated by the VB Tec Powersuit System are delivered through 20 pre-placed electrodes in the VB Tec Power Suit that make contact with the skin near the stimulated muscles.

Low frequency (EMS) 0 – 100 Hz is traditional EMS and offers surface stimulation. This requires the body to feel the current and send a message to the brain and wait for the brain to send a message back to inform the muscles to contract based on the perceived stimuli.

Middle frequency (EMA) 2000 – 7000 Hz provides a stimulus directly to the muscle fibers by penetrating deeper than a low frequency stimulation thereby immediately contracting the muscle fibers. The neuropathic message is sent to the brain that the muscle is already in a state of contraction. This type of involuntary contraction and the change in the neural pathway reverses the voluntary exchange between the brain and the muscle which thereby assists with neuroplasticity.

The VB Tec Powersuit System utilizes both low and middle frequencies which stimulate Type I & Type II muscle fibers activating 90% of these muscle fibers in the body.

We are VBTec, the developer, manufacturer and seller of the market leader wireless EMS/EMA system of the latest technology. We are the only company worldwide, who made it possible that 30, or even more people can participate together in any kind of group training – indoor or outdoor, while boosting efficiency in only 20min, by using our wireless EMS/EMA system.

VB Powersuit System

Our Powersuit works without cables. It is flexible like a second skin and gives total freedom during the training. It is completely hygienic, it can be washed in a normal washing machine. Our Powersuit connects to the body after a few minutes of warmup and communicates between the iPad and the body. The special VBTec iPad operates through Bluetooth.


We have more than 40 different training program setting possibilities, like strength, endurance, fat-burning, anti-cellulite, sparring, etc., thanks to the different combinations of low and middle frequencies.


The VBTec system can be combined with any sports equipment or activity, indoor and outdoor. Yoga, dancing, or running on the treadmill while using the VBTec system is not a problem.

The VBTec Pro Group Training System
This gives the possibility to operate 1-10 suits from one iPad at the same time, so even sports teams (like soccer or basketball) can integrate our EMS/EMA-System into their daily workouts.

VBTec ProMaxx Group Training System

This system is perfect for larger classes over 20 people, like spinning or Zumba. It is a booster during the classes, shortens the time and increases efficiency. We have 3 different continuous programs in this version and 20 iPods, so each client can set the intensity themselves..

a. VB Tec was the first to revolutionize the professional EMS/EMA market with the wireless VB Tec Powersuit.


The VB Tec Powersuit fits like a second skin. It is also made from a skin-friendly material, providing antibacterial features, maximum flexibility, and optimal electrode conductivity without the need to wet with water or gels.


VB Tec’s EMS/EMA Powersuit is the latest generation EMS/EMA suit which allows for the muscle groups to be trained to improve overall body composition, strength, and endurance.

Thanks to sophisticated technologies, this EMS/EMA suit is wireless and allows much more freedom of movement during training, both indoors and outdoors. Designed to activate up to 10 different muscle groups, the VB Tec

b. The VB Tec EMS/EMA Powervest technology provides the same stimulation effect as the VB Powersuit, which allows for muscle groups to be trained to improve overall body composition, strength, and endurance. This wireless one-piece EMS/EMA vest makes easy and effective EMS/EMA training possible with great applications for VB Med, VB Beauty as well as VB Pro. Can also be utilized as a first-time demo vest for interested members and clients. The VB Powervest requires wetting of a VB Tec undergarment to create a proper stimulation effect.

Yes, easy-care at a maximum of 30°C/86°F. Suggested spin speed: 800.
Wash the suit in the laundry bag that is provided, do not turn it inside out. Fasten all Velcro closures before washing. Mild detergent (without bleach) should be used, Ph8-8.5. The best is sensitive baby washing liquid. Do not use textile softener or any sport cloth detergent.

Every Pro System will be delivered with 2 batteries.
Each battery holds approximately 6 hours by permanent training (it depends on the selected program, intensity and how old the battery is). You can charge it external via USB-C cable or on a charging station, and it is changeable. It is a LP-E10 camera battery. Clients from USA will receive the battery from Amazon and Swiss clients get them from local dealers in case they are not to be allowed to be shipped by air.

Yes, the EMS/EMA Suit is FDA cleared, TUV and biocompatibility tested. It is considered a Class II medical device.

The EMS/EMA Suit has undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to ensure its safety and effectiveness for use in electrical muscle stimulation therapy. The FDA certification is a guarantee that the EMS/EMA Suit meets the standards set by the FDA for medical devices and that it is safe and effective for use as intended. 

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