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Grow your product line and set standards
in the expanding EMS/EMA market!

Together for New Markets Worldwide

We specialize in creating and producing wireless EMS/EMA systems for gyms, personal trainers, and rehabilitation purposes.

VBTec offers you the chance to be part of an up-and-coming sport market with a unique perspective. You might, for example, be an independent trading firm or an exclusive distribution node.

We assist you in developing and growing your distribution network. With our mature, proven concept, we provide you with many unique selling points in a future-proof economy.

Advanced Technology

Become the provider of the most advanced FDA-approved wireless EMS/EMA wearable technology available on the market and grow together with us.

Powerful Brand

Embrace the opportunity to enter a highly profitable and rapidly growing market by aligning with our renowned brand, widely regarded as an industry leader.

Safety and Stability

Become a distributor of an unstoppable business model that remains resilient even in the face of a new pandemic. Our equipment, which can be used anytime and anywhere, will be in high demand among people.

The Advantages of Becoming a Sales Partner

  • Technologically leading products
  • Quality products from our own production, Made in Germany
  • Extensive know-how in the field of EMS/EMA training.
  • Well coordinated product portfolio
  • Competitive prices
  • Price stability
  • Contractually defined sales territories
  • Support through targeted marketing promotional materials
  • Technical support
  • A fair and humane environment for your business
VBTEC EMS/EMA Technologies
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We’re looking for people who are willing to become a part of VBTec and open a sales point in their location. As a leading force in the global fitness industry, we are actively seeking enthusiastic and driven individuals. We offer our exclusive technology solely to those who demonstrate a genuine commitment and seriousness.

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