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Issue #36: Is your training routine about to become stale?

Is your daily strength routine getting stale…?

Are you tired of jogging that lasts super long around the same loop every morning? Maybe your weekly tennis or golf game no longer brings you the same enjoyment that it used to? Or you just can get over the next plateau?

It’s never too late to start new things and trying new activities or routines.

No matter what your preferred form of exercise is, switching it up a little bit will have an effect on your overall level of muscular and cardiovascular fitness.



The time spent participating in an activity is a very important variable to take into account. For example, playing golf might be a more strenuous workout than swimming.

However, golf is something people usually engage in for multiple hours at a time, while swimming is not. As you can see, golf is actually on the lighter side as far as workout intensity goes. The longer an activity goes the lighter the impact is. Of cause, you will get tired of it, but just because of the length, not because of the intensity.


Load / Intensity

Another significant variable to note here is the high load and intensity of weightlifting and strength training in general. While strength training can be very taxing on your body from a muscular and soreness standpoint, it’s much less effective in terms of cardio. The Intensity can be enormous, but the length and cardiovascular output are low.

The shorter the workout is, the more intense it must be!


This is the way to switch it up….

So if your goal is to try something new, consider how hard or how long you push your body in the last months.

If your regular training routine was slow and long like golf, walking, hiking, or yoga then try an aggressive workout like High-Intensity Interval Training, weightlifting, and particularly strength training.

But if you regularly do very intense training, then consider walking, hiking, or even yoga as a good option to switch up your routine.

…or just stay where you are and use our EMS/EMA PowerSuit!

EMS/EMA training has the power to switch up your training routine without doing something else instead!

Yes right! If you love running then keep up running, but with an EMS/EMA PowerSuit and not that long!

If strength training is your jam then keep doing it, but with an EMS/EMA PowerSuit and with lighter weights instead!


Here is the thing…

Long slow endurance type training only trains slow fiber muscles and not specific the fast-twitch muscle fibers! This is why endurance athletes need to sprint and lift heavy weights besides their endurance training. This is because these sprinting and heavyweights are the only way to train fast-twitch fibers!

But with our Visionbody EMS/EMA devices, we train both, slow and fast-twitch fibers at the same time. No matter what kind of activity you do! The secret lies in the middle frequencies.

Only Middle frequencies are able to go deep into the muscles and train them effectively! Most TENS and some so-called EMS/EMA devices are most of the time only good for recovery and rehab activities. If it is possible to see a muscle or fat loss effect with these it is only for a short timespan.

The same truth goes for strength training but the other way around.

So if you want to stay with your training routine but need to switch it up to make it more fun or just different then do 2 times a week 20min each an EMS/EMA Training with low and middle frequencies at the same time.

This will train all of your muscle fibers at the same time and switch up the length and intensity of your training routine.


Let’s get Strong. With EMS/EMA!
Johannes, Head of Training & Education

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