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Issue #39: Effective Fat Loss without dieting and crazy after-burn trainings

The Fat Loss Methods of World-Class Fat Loss Experts

Some of the leanest people in the world are weightlifters. The Soviet national team has a standard of 6-7% body fat for everyone except the heavyweight lifters. But why is that? None of them performing strenuous Crossfit sessions or jogging 1-2hours at a steady-state mode…!?

The common sense of losing fat is to make the oxidative muscles work hard and therefore built up metabolism. This means Crossfit-style training with almost no rest and long, slow runs/walks and powerful sprints are the most effective tools to do so.

Scientist Yasuhiro Izumiya, questioned this well-established role of only oxidative muscle fibers increases the metabolism significantly and stated that only a little is known about the metabolism effect of fast/glycolytic muscle fibers.

Transgene activation led to muscle hypertrophy due to the growth of type IIb muscle fibers, which was accompanied by an increase in strength.

Akt1 transgene induction in diet-induced obese mice led to reductions in body weight and fat mass and improved metabolic parameters. Akt1-mediated skeletal muscle growth opposed the effects of a high-fat/high-sucrose diet on transcript expression patterns in the liver and increased hepatic fatty acid oxidation and ketone body production.

1The findings indicate that an increase in fast/glycolytic muscle mass can result in the regression of obesity and metabolic improvement through its ability to alter fatty acid oxidation in remote tissues.

What makes this Japanese study so exceptional is “… a reduction in accumulated white adipose tissue and improvements in metabolic parameters independent of physical activity or changes in the level of food intake.”

You lose weight without going on a diet! How cool is that…!?

This means for you that you don’t have to rely on things like crazy functional Training routines, long-distance running, or EPOC, otherwise known as ‘the afterburn effect,’ and you don’t have to rely on getting your heart rate up to burn off calories.

(Of course, eating clean will get you lean faster…)

But more great news now: You do not have to build as much muscle as a Russian weightlifter

The researchers concluded that the results from the current study indicate that modest increases in type 2B skeletal muscle mass can have a profound systemic effect on whole-body metabolism and adipose tissue.

So how do we hammer our type 2B skeletal muscle mass a.k.a. “fast fibers”?

There are only three ways: heavy, explosive, or a combination of both.

But wait! There is one more: Visionbody EMS/EMA Training. Yes, that’s right, EMS/EMA! Our visionary EMS/EMA frequencies train up to 80% fast fibers and help you built up these fibers effectively without all the above-mentioned training methods.

Just put on your EMS/EMA PowerSuit and start a “Slow Circuit” of Air Squats, Planks, and elevated Push-ups.

This is also a healthier way to train because…

  • …its more friendly to your joints if you have issues with that!?
  • …it will help you better understand muscle tension in a safe way.
  • …helps you not to bulk up but be stronger in life.
  • …it can be combined with almost every exercise you know and love!

Get your PowerSuit now and start to build your stronger and leaner you today!

But hey, if you love to lift heavy weights and sprint up Hills or jump on stuff feel free to do so! It’s a great way to see the same results.

But even then you can use EMS/EMA as a booster to activate more muscle fibers. EMS/EMA proofs to activate 90% muscle fibers in contrast to 30-40% with traditional strength training. Because this is what it does to more experienced trainees or athletes. More muscle activation is the secret sauce for more performance as you know!

Talk to you soon.

Let’s get Strong. With EMS/EMA!
Johannes, Head of Training & Education

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