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Invest In the Best with the Wireless EMS/EMA Box & Heart Rate Monitor


Invest In the Best with the Wireless EMS/EMA Box & Heart Monitor

The Latest In EMS/EMA

The Visionbody PRO EMS/EMA Electrical Muscle Stimulator Box. This cutting-edge technology will help you reach your clients’ goals faster, controlling 20 suit-side silicone electrodes and heart rate monitoring to track progress. Easy to set up and use. Investing in the best EMS/EMA equipment will enable you to reduce costs and increase revenue. 

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Unlock the Power of intelligent EMS/EMA

Discover EMS/EMA Low- & Middle Frequency Variation with the Visionbody EMS/EMA Box and Powersuit! This compact and powerful technology is ideal for EMS/EMA training and taking your workout to the next level.


With the integrated heart rate monitoring system, it's easier than ever to modify workouts to maintain your target heart rate during training.

Digital strength activation

The Visionbody strength activation box is a digital precision tool for improving training performance. It is controlled by an iPad or iPhone and is second to none in terms of controlled activation.

EMS/EMA Capabilities

Wireless EMS/EMA:

The EMS/EMA box is controlled wirelessly from an iPad via Bluetooth and fixed to the EMS/EMA suit. No disturbing sensation, no restriction of movement.

Heart Rate Monitor:

The world's first wireless EMS/EMA device that can also control the heartbeat of the trainees.

Low & Mid Frequencies:

The VBTec EMS/EMA Box is a revolutionary EMS/EMA device, powered by the most powerful, intelligent low and medium frequency EMS/EMA pulses for optimal results.

10 EMS/EMA Programs:

The intuitively designed software enables quick and safe operation. From the 10 pre-installed EMS/EMA training programs, you simply select the one you want.

VBTEC EMS/EMA Professional
System components


The heart of our EMS/EMA training system. It’s smart, compact and powerful, and attaches to the waist of the Powersuit to program it with proven electrical pulse frequency variations that activate specific muscle fibers as you work out.


VBPRO’s intelligent fitness app was created by a passionate group of smart and fit minds. Choose from 32 workout programmes for your clients, ranging from basic to cardio, strength, fat loss, relaxation, massage and more.


The VBPRO EMS/EMA PowerSuits deliver high quality electrical muscle stimulation throughout the body during training to enhance muscle contractions and increase the physical intensity of exercises. No wires to interrupt the workout.

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