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The original EMS Suit.
Train with the freedom of movement.

Stop fighting with those straps and enjoy your EMS training sessions without any restrictions on your body.

The Visionbody PRO EMS Powersuit for our EMS Box is the latest generation EMS suit, thanks to advanced technologies, this EMS suit is wireless and allows much more freedom of movement during training, both indoors and outdoors.

Increased Mobility

The Visionbody PRO EMS Suit provides a range of motion and flexibility for the wearer, allowing for a wider range of activities and movements.

Targeted Muscle Stimulation

The EMS Suit uses electrical muscle stimulation to target specific muscle groups, helping to improve strength and endurance.

Improved Posture

The EMS Suit helps to improve posture by providing support to the lower back, shoulders, and chest. This can lead to improved posture and reduced pain.

The Visionbody EMS Suit gives you the freedom to move and do the sports and activities you and your clients love. 

With its wireless technology, you can take it anywhere and use it to train your muscles while enjoying your favorite activities. Whether it be yoga, running, or any other sport, you can improve strength, endurance, and mobility with the EMS Suit.

20 pulse areas

we have revolutionized the 20 integrated EMS pulse areas so that they no longer need to be be “sprayed” with moisture during training.

10 sizes

With 10 different sizes for men and women, this results in maximum feel-good factor during training.

Suit or Vest

Choose between the personalized suit and the rugged vest for continuous use in the studio.

Silicon Electrodes

Silicone electrodes are an ideal choice for EMS. They provide an even distribution of the electrical stimulation across the skin, ensuring that the user feels comfortable. Silicone electrodes also help to reduce skin irritation and potential allergic reactions.


The Visionbody EMS Suit provides a range of motion and flexibility for the wearer, allowing for a wider range of activities and movements

Better Hygienic

Avoid sweaty, smelly, wet vests from previous providers in the EMS field. Set new standards in hygiene with our dry electrodes and breathable fabric.

VBTEC EMS Professional System components:


The heart of our EMS training system. It’s smart, compact and powerful, and attaches to the waist of the Powersuit to programme it with proven electrical pulse frequency variations that activate specific muscle fibres as you work out.


VBPRO’s intelligent fitness app was created by a passionate group of smart and fit minds. Choose from 32 workout programmes for your clients, ranging from basic to cardio, strength, fat loss, relaxation, massage and more.


The VBPRO EMS PowerSuits deliver high quality electrical muscle stimulation throughout the body during training to enhance muscle contractions and increase the physical intensity of exercises. No wires to interrupt the workout.

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