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Our app is a great tool for training clients. It provides precise & digital control over the training intensity for up to 8 trainees.

The Visionbody PRO app is the command center of our innovative and powerful EMS/EMA system. It controls all functions of the EMS/EMA box on the suit.  

Perfect Frequencies

With the app, you can be assured that the optimal EMS/EMA training results are achieved with utmost ease. It does so by intelligently combining the appropriate frequencies from low and medium frequencies to match your clients training goal. Thus, you don't have to worry about getting the frequencies right - the app takes care of it for you!

Digital training journal

This feature provides your customers with the assurance that their workouts are being logged accurately. The app logs each workout with time, date, trainer, as well as the intensity of each pulse area.
Moreover, customers can conveniently access this data via the dedicated "myVisionbody" app after the workout to track their progress. This log system enables them to stay motivated and engaged with their fitness journey.

There are seven pre-configured EMS/EMA programmes on the Visionbody PRO app, as well as a variety of adjustable sub-programs covering all types and intensities. The app automatically adjusts the frequencies.


Visionbody’s Basic courses are designed to help users get started with EMS/EMA training gently. The Basic course is perfect for warming up before engaging in more advanced workouts, helping improve performance and allowing users to increase the intensity of their workouts. Users can be sure they are properly warmed up and ready to take on any challenge.


Everyone, whether a beginning or experienced endurance athlete, can increase his stamina with our programmes. Using EMS/EMA impulses, the training effect is maximized in the shortest time and is therefore the finest programme for anyone who wishes to enhance their metabolism in the quickest time possible!


Visionbody is driven by a desire to provide effective strength training with a minimal time commitment. Our EMS/EMA strength programme promises to make them stronger, faster, and more explosive in the shortest time possible, regardless of age. From young to old, whether you’re a beginner or a competitive athlete, Visionbody’s EMS/EMA strength programme will help you get the body you want in the least amount of time.

Cool Down

Light contractions help muscles relax and start the recovery process by using COOL DOWN. This program is perfect for using after a strenuous workout. By incorporating stretching exercises with it, you can enhance blood circulation and alleviate any muscle tension. It provides a great way to optimize stretching and recovery sessions, so users can enjoy the benefits of improved physical performance.


If your clients have just finished a tough workout, they want to be optimally restored and begin to regenerate. The wellness programme is a very relaxing and soothing programme that will help them do just that. It’s not a standard cool-down programme after a tough workout. It is much gentler and more soothing on the body, as well as helping forget the stresses of daily life.


Our special programme includes two programmes that will care for their health and skin appearance in a unique manner. The massage programme to relax tense muscles and the anti-cellulite programme, where EMS/EMA pulses stimulate and promote blood flow, are included. Both programmes activate their metabolic processes and help them recover more efficiently.

Fat Burning

Our Fat Burning programme combines muscle, metabolic, and circulatory training using EMS/EMA pulses in a unique way. There is no other method that could accomplish this. By using EMS/EMA pulses specifically and effectively to melt fat pads, you can accomplish a metabolic effect in just 20 minutes of training. That is where it counts (on the legs, buttocks, abdomen, and arms).

Each training program is specially designed to suit the needs of users and the types of workouts they perform. The frequencies and waveforms vary from program to program. To accommodate all fitness levels, the pulse-to-pulse pause ratio and intensity are fully customizable.

VBTEC EMS/EMA Professional System components:


The heart of our EMS/EMA training system. It’s smart, compact and powerful, and attaches to the waist of the Powersuit to programme it with proven electrical pulse frequency variations that activate specific muscle fibres as you work out.


VBPRO’s intelligent fitness app was created by a passionate group of smart and fit minds. Choose from 32 workout programmes for your clients, ranging from basic to cardio, strength, fat loss, relaxation, massage and more.


The VBPRO EMS/EMA PowerSuits deliver high quality electrical muscle stimulation throughout the body during training to enhance muscle contractions and increase the physical intensity of exercises. No wires to interrupt the workout.

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