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Issue #42: A 28-Day-Challenge that will transform your body!

Diet challenges are usually all about what you can’t eat. But what if you could see huge results from a self-experiment that doesn’t put any limits on foods?”


Instead of focusing on what you eat, our 28-day eating challenge emphasizes how you eat. And the results? They could be transformational. Eating slowly is one of the core practices when it comes to good nutrition. 

So why not try the slow-eating challenge yourself? Practice it for just 28 days, and you may be shocked at what you can achieveeven if you don’t change anything else.

Eating slowly and mindfully can be more important than…

  • what you eat
  • when you eat
  • choosing the “perfect food”

Now, this may seem a bit controversial. If you only eat Chocolat Cake, the speed at which you consume them is not your biggest problem.

But setting aside the extremes, slow eating may be the most powerful habit for driving major body transformation.

Instead of having to figure out which foods to eat, in what frequency, and in what portions—all important factors, of course—eating slowly is the simplest way anyone can start losing weight and feeling better, immediately.

That fuels confidence and motivation, and from there, you can always tighten up the details.


How to eat slowly?

Eating slowly and mindfully is simple and effective. But most people have to work at it.

Thankfully, you don’t have to get it “perfect.” Shoot for “a bit better” instead. You might be surprised at how effective this is!

This is how it works…

1. Take a breath

Before you eat, pause. Take one breath.

Take one bite. Then take another breath.

Take another bite. Then take another breath.

2. Add a minute

At first, most people panic at the idea of “wasting time” on eating or having to be alone with their thoughts and the sounds of crunching for too long. Plus, life is busy and rushed. Having long leisurely meals may feel impossible.

So, start small. Add just one minute per meal. Or two, or three, if you’re feeling sassy about it.

3. remoteless

For the next level of challenge, don’t eat while you drive, watch TV, or play with your phone. Sit at a table, not on your living room couch, and for heaven’s sake, don’t eat standing over the sink. Try to relax and experience your meal.

4. Really chew it

Try this experiment: Eat whole food, like an apple slice, and count how many chews it takes to swallow a mouthful. Then grab a highly processed snack, like a cracker or cookie, and count your chews.

5. Do something between bites

Pacing yourself is easier when you have a specific action in mind to break up mouthfuls of food. Between bites, try…

  • setting down your utensils
  • taking a sip of water
  • asking someone at the table a question

6. Enjoy food

When you eat… eat. Enjoy it. Really taste it.

Is it salty? Sweet? Does it coat the roof of your mouth? What’s the texture like?

Notice these little details with each bite.

7. Notice what affects your eating speed

As you experiment, try to identify what affects your eating speed or focus. Consider factors such as…

  • who you eat with
  • when you eat
  • what you eat
  • where you eat


Sharpen your practice

Pay attention to the eating speed of those around you. Observe the slowest-eating person in the group and match their speed.

If you find yourself rushing, put your utensils down and take a minute to re-focus.

Embrace an experimental mindset and notice what you learn. 

Remember: Every meal is a chance to get better.


Start a simple & effective Training routine

The power of training in combination with nutrition is unbeatable! So why not trying something new?

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Talk to you soon! And let me know how the 28-Days-Challenge worked out for you?


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