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EMS/EMA Fat-burning Workout

EMS/EMA Fat-burning Workout

Why EMS/EMA Training?

Welcome to The VTC!

You can build muscle and endurance with any fitness tool. While that is true, it’s much easier to make progress if you have a way to load each movement, like with barbells and Dumbbells… this is why we usually choose to lift heavy barbells instead of doing endless push-ups and air squats. Muscles need tension and EMS/EMA is a great way to add tension and boost your training routine!

If you’re on the road a lot, are stuck at home because of COVID, traveling a lot, or just want to try something new then an EMS/EMA Suit is a great option to help to create tension when you lack a real gym in which to train. Training with EMS/EMA is about convenience. It’s small, easy to throw in a travel bag, fairly easy to get, and can provide vicious muscular tension!

To boost your training EMS/EMA is the most powerful tool you can get these days.

What follows is an endurance training to help you maintain muscle, built endurance, and a great looking physique.

Hope you enjoy it!

Johannes – Director of Performance

EMS/EMA Performance Checklist

  1. You drank 2 glasses of water 20-30min before your training.
  2. You slept at least 6-8 hours the last night.
  3. You are not underate and stressed before you start the training. A small snack is a good choice and does not use intense training to counterbalance stress. This spiral goes not in your favor!
  4. You did not use any skin or body lotion before training.
  5. You did not drink alcohol at least 12hours before the training.
  6. Make sure to get a proper warm-up. Not for the sake of getting sweaty for the electricity but your muscle and joint health!

4 Step Guide to get started

  1. Carefully put on your Visionbody EMS/EMA Suit. Do not wear any jewelry and take care of your fingernails. When you use the zipper to close the back of the suit, fix the bottom of the zipper with one hand and pull the zip cord carefully up until it’s fully closed. Click the Visionbody Box to your suit, but do not push any buttons. For the warm-up, you do not need the box switched on.
  2. Start the video and begin with our 5-7min Warm-up routine which is an important part of every training.
  3. Then start the Box and adjust the Program:

    Fatburning / Fatburning 1 / 20min / Medium / 4s vs 4s

  4. After the adjustment pushes the start-button and re-start the workout video. From now on you just follow the training video instructions and let the suit do his magical work.

If you feel uncomfortable or exhausted feel free to press the pause button whenever you want to. This training should not hurt you in any way!

About Intensity

Our intensity percentages (%) are not equal to weights (Kg), speed (km/h), or the feeling of burning. You are not the fittest person in the house if you put up the regulators up to the sky! Do your workout and feel that the Suit is contracting your muscles with an extra squeeze. Do not fight the suit by contracting as hard as you can against the contraction. Do your workout and let the electricity do her silent wonder work for you.


Warm-Up, 5min (Video)

Start the Warm Up with your suit on but without electric impulses. Each Exercise is done for the 30s and then you got 10-15s to switch to the next exercise. Repeat them as a circuit for 2 times.

  1. Easy Bouncing ‘30
  2. Quad Rocking ‘30
  3. Bird Dogs ‘30
  4. Hamstring Circles ‘30
  5. Quad Rock Stretch ‘30
  6. Running in Place ‘30

The Human Burpee Training, 20min

Today wasting time is still a big issue. The longer I work in the weight room, the smarter I try to be about time.

To deal with time, and time-wasting, we all have our tricks. Between sets of lifting exercises, I always schedule mobility and flexibility work. “Resting” is simply changing from one kind of work to another.

The best way to get time under control is to string together movements that hit every part of the body, demand multiple positions, and retain some logic for the participant to easily remember the workout.

I often also ignore reps and sets sometimes go for a few minutes of an exercise like this:

Round 1:

Two minutes of tall planks
Three minutes of push-ups
Four minutes of Farmers Carry or Marching

1-2min rest and then start Round 2:

Two minutes of tall planks
Three minutes of push-ups
Four minutes of Farmers Carry or Marching

These movements could also be done without the EMS/EMA Suit as a stand-alone workout routine. With the Visionbody EMS/EMA Suit you can boost each exercise without ramping up the weights. This makes the exercises safer and still produce great results because the electric stimulation takes care of the tension.

If you can not perform every exercise for the total amount of time required then do 3-5 reps, rest for 10-15s, and repeat this cycle again until the required time is up.

After your training switch off the suit and start our Recovery routine.


Recovery, 5-6min (Video)

Start the Cool Down with your suit on but without electric impulses. Each Exercise is done for the 60s and then you got 10-15s to switch to the next exercise. Repeat them as a circuit for 2 times.

  1. Sumo Squats ‘30
  2. Couch Stretch ‘30 Right /’30 Left
  3. Leg Raise Stretch ‘30 Right /’30 Left

If you still got power after that then please leave me a comment underneath in the comment section!?

And if you have any training related questions please leave them in the comment section. I will answer any of them.

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“Have a nice day and enjoy your awesome workout!”


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