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The best exercise to get strength & endurance with EMS/EMA

best exercise to get strength & endurance

Whether you’re a skinny guy just starting or an experienced lifter, this one exercise will help you improve performance in the gym and in daily life all while being at home.

Now, in order to call this the single best exercise, it must fit the following five criteria:

  • Functionality
  • Accessibility
  • Low Risk of Injury
  • Overload Potential
  • Targets Full Body

There’s only one exercise that fits this criterion and destroys all others trying to compete: the farmer’s walk.

The direct benefits are they work your grip strength, work capacity and get you a better posture through the whole day. Plus: Grip strength is a direct predictor for longevity which is backed by science for years. The same is true about work capacity and posture.

So thats a 3 for 3 for longevity.

Watch the Video how to perform a Famers Walk.

To perform the farmer’s walk simply carry some weights by your sides and start walking. Make sure to keep your spine tall and look straight ahead, while keeping your shoulders tight. You can do this in your driveway, your backyard, or even in your house. Start with a weight you can carry for one min with proper form, and every week add on 2.5lbs to 5lbs or whatever you feel is right.


The farmer’s walk is the absolute king of functionality. What could be more functional than carrying heavy objects from Point A to Point B? And because we carry things every day, this exercise will always be relevant and will always be useful. This movement boosts athleticism and improves performance in all other exercises as well as your day-to-day life.


Aside from bodyweight exercises, farmer’s walks can be done anywhere with items found in your house. If you don’t have dumbbells, consider using those 5-gallon water jugs. Just experiment and play around with it. If you’re at a gym that has an indoor turf field, use either a hex bar or dumbbells and walk back and forth for time or distance. If you’re just starting at the gym and looking to build up strength in this movement, grab some kettlebells or some plates and walk on for 30s up to 2min. It’s possible dumbbells may not work on the treadmill because they’ll bang against the sides as you walk.

Low Risk of Injury

When performing the farmer’s walk, do not let your ribs flare out. Try to make sure your pelvis and lower back are in line. Always remember to keep your shoulders tight and to keep your spine “tall.” If you feel discomfort other than your muscles fatiguing, just drop the weight — it’s not worth it. Other than that, there’s very little risk of injury because you’re literally just walking around. During no point in the movement are you putting your joints in a compromising position.

Overload Potential

Overload potential is an important factor for any exercise that claims to build muscle mass. When I say overload potential, I’m talking about the ability of the weight of the exercise to be gradually increased as you progress. This is called the Progressive Overload principle. By continuously adding weight to your movements, you are forcing your body to work harder than it’s used to, therefore forcing it to adapt and get bigger.

If you do not have any big weights you could also use your Visionbody EMS/EMA Suit to make your training harder and more effective. If you are a beginner start only with the suit and perform bodyweight military marching.

But again: Your Visionbody Suit is the perfect tool to boost this great exercise and add tension to it!

EMS/EMA was also added to Elite Weightlifter’s training programs and within just two-weeks, major gains were made in the athlete’s front squat. The front squat increased by 20 kg within the first week of adding EMS/EMA. On top of that, his Type I fiber size increased. So you can see where adding EMS/EMA is beneficial for both type I and type II fibers. Equal benefits shows for beginners too!

Adding EMS/EMA 3 days per week for 6-weeks to your traditional strength training routine improves strength.

In a research done by J.A. Balogun Phd, they did stimulate one leg with EMS/EMA during training and the other leg acted as a control, meaning one leg received EMS/EMA and the other leg did not. So, these participants started with similar strength in both legs and by the end of the 6-weeks, the leg that received EMS/EMA increased in strength by 24% and the control leg by only 10%.

Targets Full Body

For such a simple movement, farmer’s walks target almost your entire body. It is very effective for working your upper trapezius which helps stabilize your shoulder joints and keep your shoulder blades tight. This movement will also work your quads, hamstrings, and even your calves. Your legs will work with your core and back to stabilize the weights and keep you standing upright. Get ready to take core stabilization to a whole new level.

In Summary

Despite the title of this article, the farmer’s walk (or any other loaded carry) is a great movement whether you are just a beginner or even an experienced weightlifter. It should be kept in your routine throughout your fitness journey. You can’t underestimate the importance of functional strength and how it will benefit you — not only in the gym but also in your life.

To boost these great effects EMS/EMA Training is the best way to do so because you train both muscle fibres equally and get stronger by not adding more weights to your exercise!

In the upcoming training i will show you how this works from beginner to advanced lifter in combination with the Visionbody Suit!

If you have any training related questions please post them in the comment section. I would love to answer them!

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