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The harsh reality of fitness business ownership

Remaining competitive in the fitness industry can be a challenging task. The financial impact of losing members can be devastating, and it’s hard not to take it personally when your business is at risk. 

With new gyms and studios constantly emerging, it can be challenging for gym owners and personal trainers to distinguish themselves in a crowded marketplace. But there’s a solution to your fitness business needs – Visionbody Pro.

Improve client retention

Stay ahead of the competition

Embrace new technology

The Wearable Technology Revolution Unfolds

Wireless EMS Equipment manufactured in Germany

Safety, Hygiene, And Fitness Ownership

At Visionbody, we take no shortcuts when it comes to fitness, hygiene, and safety. No one should be subjected to the risk of sharing bacteria and germs from others. It’s time to put an end to the risks associated with shared workout suits and other wearable equipment.

Just as you want the best for your clients, so do we. We believe that the best way to ensure this is by providing them with the opportunity to own their personal Powersuit, while they’re joining a training in your gym.

Experience the most advanced EMS technology available and the ultimate in fitness hygiene with our FDA approved antibacterial equipment.

Welcome to Visionbody Technology (VBTEC)

Delivering Unmatched EMS Solutions for Fitness, Medical, and Wellness

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We’re at the forefront of the industry, revolutionizing EMS with innovative products and services that empower people to achieve their full potential and live a healthier, more active lifestyle.

At VBTEC, we make EMS accessible to everyone with our innovative range of products and services. From cutting-edge EMS suits to comprehensive devices, we’re setting new standards and pushing boundaries in the industry.

Lançamento no mercado 2014
> 9 years experience
> 40 Employees
> in over 40 countries

Revolutionizing Fitness Performance

Melhoria da força e desenvolvimento muscular:

EMS is an effective way to improve muscle strength and development, particularly in hard-to-target muscle groups.

Eficiência no tempo:

EMS training is completed in as little as 20 minutes, making it a convenient option for busy individuals.


O treinamento EMS pode ser usado como um treinamento autônomo ou como um acréscimo ao treinamento tradicional de resistência. Ele também pode ser usado em programas de reabilitação e para indivíduos com deficiências ou limitações físicas.

Visionbody PRO

A capacidade de mover e configurar facilmente o sistema EMS em diferentes áreas da academia ou em espaços de treinamento ao ar livre

Melhor experiência de treinamento

O potencial para uma experiência de treinamento mais imersiva e interativa para os clientes devido à natureza sem fio do sistema.


Nenhum emaranhado de fios ou cabos para lidar, tornando o ambiente de treinamento mais seguro e mais organizado

Visionbody PRO

A capacidade de mover e configurar facilmente o sistema EMS em diferentes áreas da academia ou em espaços de treinamento ao ar livre

Melhor experiência de treinamento

O potencial para uma experiência de treinamento mais imersiva e interativa para os clientes devido à natureza sem fio do sistema.


Nenhum emaranhado de fios ou cabos para lidar, tornando o ambiente de treinamento mais seguro e mais organizado

Melhoria da força muscular e da função:

O EMS pode ajudar a melhorar a força muscular e o funcionamento em indivíduos com deficiências ou limitações físicas.

Gerenciamento da dor:

O EMS pode ajudar a reduzir a dor e melhorar a mobilidade em indivíduos com dor crônica.


O EMS pode ser usado em programas de reabilitação para ajudar indivíduos a recuperar a força muscular e a função após uma lesão ou cirurgia, e para prevenir a atrofia muscular em indivíduos com mobilidade limitada.

Sistema de Fatos EMS aprovado pela FDA

This is what studio operators say about the VB20 studio concept:

I have been working with Visionbody’s wireless EMS system since 2017, and this decision for my first EMS studio was exactly the right one.

Our members confirm this every day. VB20 is for me the BOOSTER for my business.

Sascha Buch, Gym owner VB 20 Fulda

Satisfied VB Pro Clients
Hours they trained last year
20 min sessions

Skyrocket Your Fitness Business

Unlocking Growth Potential

With the personal Powersuit concept, you can expect to see a significant reduction in cancellations, leading to increased profits and long-term client loyalty.

And, if clients do decide to leave, we offer them the opportunity to purchase a Visionbody Home Powerbox, ensuring that you continue to earn from their commitment to fitness.

Inspire Long-Term Commitment

Our unique approach focuses on maximizing the effectiveness of your training sessions while also prioritizing hygiene and customer comfort.

Our wireless Gymsuit, equipped with moistened electrodes, delivers the most effective EMS training experience. During the first test training session, your clients will be impressed and inspired to commit to a long-term membership.

The winning formula

Target specific problem areas such as chest fat, love handles, outer thighs, calves, and waistline with Visionbody EMS suit's focused fat-burning training - the perfect solution for your clients' needs in record time, helping them achieve better results in less time, guaranteed!
Boost their results safely with support for their back, joints, tendons, and ligaments.

By providing our most advanced pieces of wearable technology to your clients, you can significantly lower dropout rates, enhance their comfort during workouts, and increase your income by selling the suits – all while eliminating the need for extra personnel to dress clients and ensuring a better overall experience without the discomfort of wet clothing.

Pioneering the Future of Health and Fitness

With over 35 years of experience in sports and physical activity, my mission has been to revolutionize the fitness industry. I strive to provide innovative, efficient, and safe solutions that enhance lives. 

Recognizing the vital role of fitness for humanity, I have pushed the boundaries to develop the most advanced Wireless EMS equipment in the world. 

This technology has transformed lives globally. Join me in rewriting the pages of fitness history and taking it to new heights.

Henri Schmidt, CEO VB Technologies


Sales partnership: The investor could work with Visionbody to establish sales partnerships and help market the product to potential customers. This could involve creating marketing campaigns, attending trade shows, and reaching out to potential buyers.

Strategic investor: The investor could take a larger stake in the company and work closely with Visionbody’s management team to provide strategic guidance and support. This could involve helping to shape the company’s long-term vision and growth strategy, as well as providing access to additional capital and resources.

Gym ownership: If the investor is interested in opening their own gym, they could consider joining Visionbody’s VB20 license concept. This would allow them to use the Visionbody technology in their gym, as well as benefit from the company’s marketing and support services.

By carefully evaluating these factors and working closely with Visionbody, investors can position themselves for success in this exciting and rapidly evolving market.

Every Pro System will be delivered with 2 batteries.
Each battery holds approximately 6 hours by permanent training (it depends on the selected program, intensity and how old the battery is). You can charge it external via USB-C cable or on a charging station, and it is changeable. It is a LP-E10 camera battery. Clients from USA will receive the battery from Amazon and Swiss clients get them from local dealers in case they are not to be allowed to be shipped by air.

Visionbody was the first to revolutionize the professional EMS market with the wireless Visionbody Powersuit. Now, the Visionbody EMS system can also be combined with sturdy, studio-optimized Visionbody PowerVests. Of course, the EMS training with the new Powervest will remain wireless! This one-piece EMS vest makes easy and effective EMS training possible at any time and anywhere. The combination of future technology, effectiveness, and comfort ensures an enormous training upgrade!

Visionbody Product  Features
• First wireless and one-piece EMS vest in the professional EMS market.
• Easy donning in less than 30 seconds.
• A total of 20 integrated wet electrodes.
• Developed for continuous operation in the studio due to hygienic EMS underwear.
• Perfect wearing comfort due to easy and quick adjustment options on arms, legs and tummy
• Easy to clean and wash in the washing machine and fast-drying phase.
• Compatible with the Visionbody 2.0 and 3.0 EMS systems 

Perfect solution to give a demo for your clients before they buy their own suit, the individual PowerSuit:

Visionbody EMS Powersuit is the latest generation EMS suit which allows for the muscle groups to be trained to improve overall body composition, strength, and endurance.
Thanks to sophisticated technologies, this EMS suit is wireless and allows much more freedom of movement during training, both indoors and outdoors.
Designed to activate up to 10 different muscle groups, the Visionbody Powersuit fits like a second skin. It is also made from a skin-friendly material, providing antibacterial features, maximum flexibility, and optimal electrode conductivity.

• Low: 0 – 100 Hz • Medium: 2000 – 7000 Hz

With this combination we can simulate different type of trainings (like strength, fatburning,) and can reach deeper muscle groups, not only the nerves on the surface.

We are Visionbody Technologies, the developer, manufacturer and seller of the market leader wireless EMS system of the latest technology. We are the only company worldwide, who made it possible that 30, or even more people can participate together in any kind of group training – indoor or outdoor, while boosting efficiency in only 20min, by using our wireless EMS system.

We offer two types of products, one for home users, others for professional users (gyms, personal trainers, rehabilitation, health centers). We also provide two different services to enable existing gyms as well as new fitness centers to integrate our wireless EMS concept or build up a complete Visionbody gym, called VB20.

Our Powersuit works without cables. It is flexible like a gymnastic dress and gives total freedom during the training. It is completely hygienic, it can be washed in a normal washing machine. Our Visionbody Powersuit connects to the body after some minutes of warmup and communicates between the iPad and the body. The special Visionbody iPad operates through Bluetooth.

We have more than 40 different training program setting possibilities, like strength, endurance, fat-burning, anti-cellulite, sparring, etc. thanks to the different combinations of low and middle frequencies. The Visionbody system can be combined with any sports equipments or activity, indoor and outdoor. Yoga, dancing or running on the treadmill, while using Visionbody, is not a problem anymore.

The Visionbody GROUP TRAINING SYSTEM – our most popular product.
It gives the possibility to operate 2/4/8 suits from one iPad at the same time, so even sports teams (like soccer or basketball) can integrate our EMS-System into their daily workouts. Gym owners can earn up to 8 times more in the same amount of time. Even if each client is charged less for the group training, the investment can be earned back within 2 months.

Visionbody ProMaxx is perfect for big gyms with classes over 20 people, like spinning, zumba. It is a booster during the classes, shortens the time and increases efficiency. We have 3 different continues programs in this version and 20 iPods, so each client can set the intensity by himself.

Download Fact sheet here.

Yes, easy-care at a maximum of 30°C/86F. Suggested spin speed: 800. Wash the suit in the laundry bag that is provided, do not turn it inside out. Fasten all velcro closures beforewashing. Mild detergent (without bleach) should be used, Ph8-8.5. The best is sensitive baby washing liquid. Do not use textile softener or any sport cloth detergent.

The Visionbody Powersuit does no need to be washed after each training session.

But after each training session, the suit should be turned “inside out” so that it can dry much faster. You are recommended to wash the Visionbody Powersuit after 2-3 training sessions. After 2-3times it is highly recommended, since the salt from the sweat can block the stimulation.

Yes, the EMS Suit is FDA certified, TUV and biocompatibility tested.

The EMS Suit has undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to ensure its safety and effectiveness for use in electrical muscle stimulation therapy. The FDA certification is a guarantee that the EMS Suit meets the standards set by the FDA for medical devices and that it is safe and effective for use as intended. Customers can rest assured that the EMS Suit has been thoroughly tested and approved for use in muscle stimulation therapy.

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Let’s connect and assist you in elevating your fitness business to new heights. As a leading force in the global fitness industry, we are actively seeking enthusiastic and driven individuals. We offer our exclusive technology solely to those who demonstrate a genuine commitment and seriousness.


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